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Whether you’re laying a drain, re-routing a highway or introducing a major infrastructure project, you’ll be making changes which affect the community.
So, you’ll need to engage with those directly and indirectly affected.

Initiating, driving and delivering successful engagement programs is a specialisation for which The Primary Agency is well recognised – particularly for big projects covering broad geographies. These are the type of projects where establishing empathy and managing issues over large distances is crucial; like those in rural and regional Australia.


We believe that much of the practice of engagement has become formulaic and jaundiced by commercial and government imperative.

In many instances, the language of engagement has become the language of invasion; completely contrary to what is intended!

The responsibility for this lies with those who only see the end game, and only one way of achieving it. Those who are used by project management 'to clear the tracks' of opposition.

Yet, for us, true engagement delivers better outcomes for all involved, be they those with commercial, government or community interests.

Done properly, genuine engagement
delivers genuine social licence.

Five things help Primary engage better than most.

1.  We believe to genuinely engage you need to genuinely care;

2.  We take great care to empathise
with the communities we deal with;
to understand their views and their concerns as well as our client's;

3.  We have first-hand experience of being a ‘victim’ of poor engagement;

4.  We employ people from the local community, wherever possible; and,

5.  We use new online technologies to allow us manage issues in real time, regardless of distance.

Our work helps our clients deliver their projects successfully and ensures they achieve the enduring impression they want to leave with their clients, their stakeholders and the community.


Effective engagement and communication comes from developing and adhering to a sound strategic approach. Successful engagement and communication often means thinking less about what you want to say about yourself and focusing more on what you want others to think of you.

The services our strategic engagement and communications work encompasses include:

  • project management;
  • change management;
  • community or stakeholder engagement;
  • crisis, issues and reputation management;
  • external, media and government relations;
  • expectations management;
  • internal communicationsas well as,
  • above and below the line strategic marketing development and implementation.

Through all of these services, Primary uses a set of unique proprietary tools that more than 33 years of experience have enabled us to test and hone to the point where we are fully confident of delivering the outcomes we commit to.


Making the
Murrumbidgee work
better for everybody.

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