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Knowledge management and gathering real time intelligence can be the difference between killing a rumour or spending days or weeks mopping up
the fallout.

Our focus is on how we use online technologies to deliver better outcomes.

Apart from developing websites, our work has led us to develop and employ app-based technology that keeps our communications team up-to-date and aware of issues as they emerge, giving our teams a head start on containment. Using digital technology, our teams can manage projects over large distances in what is effectively real time, regardless of location.

What’s more, our clients and our project managers can oversee their projects with the same benefits; projects stay on course, issues are dealt with and the audiences we engage with become real people with real needs which we know and can address.

Our approach is to be proactive – not reactive. Sensible use of online technologies makes our clients better communicators, not better technologists!

Our app-based technology is just one of the online communication technologies
The Primary Agency utilises to enhance its engagement and communication services.

We can work with you to:

  • design and produce your website
  • build operational websites with an engagement focus through our Engagement
    Management Centres
  • develop and create Applications (‘Apps’) that add value to your business
  • utilise, analyse and respond to social media
  • develop Prezi visuals to create cut-through presentations