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Over the past three decades The Primary Agency has worked on the full gamut of communication tasks, involving everything from design through to direct marketing, public relations and advertising.

This capability has evolved because the Agency has remained true to its philosophy that ‘good communication has its basis in strategy; and, that strategy will determine your best choice of communication discipline(s)’.

We need to be sure our strategies will work so, we make sure we can be responsible for their execution. Thus you’ll see our expertise and skill extends across a far greater range of communications methods than most.

The big benefit of this is that we can make recommendations based on the best way of achieving the desired objectives – if the best approach is to utilise the subtleties of public relations then we won’t be recommending a mainstream advertising campaign. Likewise, if the best approach is to utilise your database then we will recommend direct mail, not a broad-based public relations campaign.

This is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors; and we believe it makes us better.


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Differentiating generics
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